Stephen Scott

CEO & Founder @ Starling Trust Sciences

Stephen is best known as the co-founder of a Predictive Behavioral Analytics platform that allows organisations to measure and mitigate culture and conduct related risks, and to identify opportunities for performance improvement across business lines and functions.

Stephen has a 25-year career in risk management and corporate intelligence, serving clients when they were: entering new markets, ventures, or commercial relationships

He has led successful investigative inquiries in over 50 countries, and has lived and worked in New York, Washington, London, Frankfurt, Madrid, and Shanghai.

Stephen holds degrees from Cornell University, the London School of Economics, the Columbia Graduate School of Business, and the London Business School.

Stephen frequently posts and speaks publicly on the topic of culture and conduct risk

In this podcast we discuss how 21st Century digital networks of trust are disrupting the 20th Century analog networks of business and community

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